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Remote device management software

Rapid is an over-the-air remote device management software that configures, update, monitor, and secure your Linux-based smart devices. It works flawlessly on client-server architecture and keeps your connected devices healthy.

With Rapid, you can install the latest security patch, update new features, and fix bugs in your fleet of devices. Rapid keeps your connected devices up to date from the system and application sides. Rapid is a division of Trunexa.

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Device management

Manage all your devices through a single pane of glass

Remote Updates

Over The Air update for Linux Operating System

Application update

Over The Air update for application

Alert notification

System automatically sends notifications

Remote login

Access your devices shell remotely

Data monitor

Monitor your data round the clock

Resources monitor

Monitor your data round the clock

Process monitor

Monitor your processes remotely


Log files of your fleet of devices

Rapid Agent

Embedded rapid agent on the device


Industry 4.0

With Rapid, the transformation of legacy manufacturing to the new era of smart manufacturing will be much faster and efficient.



As the number of connected medical devices is increasing, medical device providers need a comprehensive, robust, and secure way to manage.



Over-the-air (OTA) device management simplifies the management of onboard systems from pre-production to the end of life.


Smart Energy

With the rapid adoption of connected devices, energy companies require a comprehensive solution to improve efficiency and operations.



Smart devices in consumer electronics are proliferating, manufacturers need healthy and updated devices to increase product satisfaction.


Smart Building

Today's smart buildings contain thousands of sensors measuring various parameters, with rapid it's easy to manage integrated hardware.



Smart devices in agriculture are far-flung and operate 24X7, Rapid monitors and update your IoT devices remotely for better operations.




Free Plan


  • Full-Featured device monitoring
  • Limited 5 device
  • All features
  • 50 MB Storage in total
  • 3 user account per Organization
  • Free support
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Standard Plan

100 /month

1100 /Year

  • Full-Featured device monitoring
  • 50 devices supported
  • All features
  • 150 MB Storage
  • 3 user / Group per Organization
  • Full support
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Premium Plan

300 /month

3,300 /year

  • Full-Featured device monitoring
  • 300 devices supported
  • All features
  • 1 GB Storage
  • 10 user /Group per Organization
  • Full support
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500 /month

5,500 /year

  • Full-Featured device monitoring
  • 500 devices supported
  • All features
  • 5 GB Storage
  • Unlimited user / Group with custom domain
  • Full support
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  • Full-Featured device monitoring
  • Unlimited device supported
  • All features + custom features
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited user / Group with custom domain
  • Free Support
  • Custom Price
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